About the Founder

About Our Founder

Helping people all around the world bag their dream job.

M. P. Diessa was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and came to Australia in 2006 for a brighter future for himself and generations to come. When he arrived in Australia, he worked hard to complete his studies and to be the best he could in his new home.

Diessa completed a Diploma in Business Administration at TAFE and received his degree in Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Business at the University of South Australia. Diessa has a passion for helping others succeed, so while at university, he worked with other international students to help them write resumes and proofread documents. After graduation, he had difficulties finding employment. Having seen others new to Australia struggle to navigate the job market, Diessa felt that the best way for him to contribute back to Australia was to help new Australians like himself find fulfilling work and develop their careers. From this Possible Joblink was born in 2015.

Diessa's passion for helping others inspired him to follow his dreams of assisting others like himself to easily navigate Australian job market. Since the inception of Possible Joblink, Possiblé has worked tirelessly to help people new to Australia and its workforce find a rewarding career and exceed their potential.


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