Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Interviews are the most important part of the job seeking process and, for many of us, can be the hardest. Employers use interviews to learn as much as possible about a candidate. They will use interviews to learn how well a candidate knows the job and the organization, how the candidate acts under pressure, what the candidate expects to get out of the job and if the candidate is a good fit for the company. Naturally, this makes interviews a stressful experience, Possible Joblink can help you master this skill.

Possible Joblink provides services that help you master the interview process, whether that interview is face-to-face, over the telephone or through services like Skype. We will teach you how to identify your key strengths and how to successfully sell these skills during your interview. Our coaching sessions and mock interviews are designed to show you winning strategies. Our consultants will work with you to teach you the best approach to have a successful interview.

Our Coaching Sessions

Possible Joblink provides coaching services designed to get you ready for an interview. 

– We start with teaching you about what to do before an interview, the information you should learn about the organization, information you should know about the position, and clothing you are expected to wear for the interview.

– Following this, our experienced consultant will conduct a mock interview with you; to prepare you for potential questions your interviewer might ask. During the mock interview, you will be asked several questions, some simple and some difficult; to develop your confidence when answering questions and to help you form a winning strategy for taking on unexpected questions. These mock interviews can be tailored for different types of interviews, including face-to-face, skype, telephone, and panel interviews.

– We will then de-brief at the end of the mock interview to discuss your performance and resolve any weak points before your actual interview.

– Once you have mastered the interview, we will teach you how to create a winning first impression. We will explain the importance of visual presentation, expression, tone of voice, body language, attitude, warmth of manner and building rapport during the interview, and how you can use them to build a good first impression.

– We can also go over methods of overcoming stress and anxiety so that you can keep your focus in an interview.

– Finally, we will go over what to do after the interview, how you should communicate with the employer and what to do when you are offered employment.

Possible Joblink can offer a face-to-face, Skype or telephone-based interview coaching services to help give you the winning edge. During the interview coaching sessions, we can show you how to develop a winning strategy which could be from planning and preparing for every interview to learning how to handle every possible kind of interview. We provide real interview questions, teach you to avoid cliché and help you make an impact when handling both the classic questions and the really tough ones – that interviewers can throw at you.

During Coaching

– We give a general discussion of interview tips and answers to all the questions you may have.

– We provide mock interviews, either for a general role or for a specific forthcoming interview, which could also include feedback on your performance.

– Question and Answer sessions during job at the job interview, which could be from classic questions to the toughest ones, learning how to handle them all confidently and calmly so that you really make an impact.

– Teaching you how to handle the various interview scenarios you may face: Classic one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews, panel interviews, behaviour/competency-based interviews, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, presentations, group interviews and assessment centres.

– Advice on first impressions – visual presentation, expression, tone of voice, body language, attitude, warmth of manner and building rapport during the interview.

– How to overcome nerves and stress, stay calm, keep your focus and think on your feet throughout your interview so that you can look and feel confident.

– Identifying your key selling points and deciding upon a strategy to get them across.

– How to deal with any weaknesses and turn negative situations into positive ones.

– Questions you should be aiming to ask your interviewer and how to phrase them.

– De-briefing sessions after the mock interview to discuss your performance and resolve any weak points before your actual interview.

– Show you how to follow up after an interview, how to handle an employment offer, etc.

– Develop a winning strategy – researching, planning, preparing and organising yourself.

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